Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

FrontWell Capital Partners has a duty to its investors to act in their best interest. As part of that responsibility, FrontWell believes that certain environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are integral to the Company’s mandate.

The following policy outlines how these ESG considerations are factored into running our business.

Environmental Considers how a company performs as a steward of nature Read more
Social Examines how a company manages its relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and the community Read more
Governance Deals with how a company is governed Read more

Responsible investing:
FrontWell has committed to avoid investing in traditional, non-carbon-conscious oil, gas and coal extraction companies.

Operating in an environmentally friendly location:
FrontWell’s head office location is a member of the Oxford Properties community, which has continuously developed and implemented global waste best practices to coincide with energy performance standards.


Responsible investing:
FrontWell has committed to avoid investing in tobacco and firearm companies.

Working with vendors that share the same values:
As a part of the supply and service procurement process, FrontWell has committed to dealing with vendors that have an ESG policy in place, with the goal that 75% of FrontWell’s total business expenses will be from vendors that have an ESG policy in place.

Commitment to employee health and engagement:
FrontWell has committed to continuously improving the health, safety and engagement of its employees through various wellness benefits, safety protocols and employee feedback.

Diversity in the workplace:
FrontWell is committed to promoting workplace diversity in both gender and ethnicity, with the target of having 25% of its team comprised of women or visible minorities.


Commitment to ethical conduct:
FrontWell’s employee code of conduct is committed to ensuring that team members are held accountable in promoting and holding ethical values over accountability and integrity in all areas of employee conduct including, but not limited to, anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices.

Executive pay aligned to ESG policy compliance:
FrontWell’s senior executive compensation will include an evaluation of the executive’s contribution to promoting and complying with the Company’s ESG policy.